Feldenkrais Resources 2014

LibraryA new client recently asked me for things that he could read, view, or do at home that would help him in his Feldenkrais journey.  My blog is full of resources, but I thought it would be worth creating one blog post with a summary of all the resources.

Awareness through Movement (ATM) lessons

Awareness through Movement lessons are lessons where the teacher guides one or more students through a series of movements that help the student improve how they move.  There are quite a few recorded lessons on the internet, some of which are free.

When doing an Awareness through Movement Lesson, remember, only do the movements that are easy and comfortable.  These are not exercises.  Rather they are opportunities to explore movement.  Nothing is gained by going further, harder, or faster.  Everything is gained by going at a pace and ease that allows for awareness and exploration.

Free lessons can be found at:

You can also buy lessons from major publishers like Amazon and Feldenkrais Resources.  My teacher Jeff Haller  sells recordings of individual lessons for $2.00 each.




More articles can be found at the Feldenkrais Guild of North America’s website.

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