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U.S. News & World Report published a wonderful article November 14, 2016 by Anna Medaris Miller titled:  “What is the Feldenkrais Method?”

One of my favorite bits: Some liken it to mindfulness meditation, but with more noise and movement. Or they say it’s like yoga, but not so structured. It’s like physical therapy, but not so treatment-focused. It’s like massage, but not so passive. It’s like tai chi, but not so choreographed. “In Feldenkrais, you forget about goals; there is no perfectionism,” says Gerhild Ullmann,… “You just listen to your own body.”

The article ends with a quote from Lee saying “The kinds of thoughts and exercises and evaluations that we do in Feldenkrais really gave me a tool set to get back on the road to health.”

For the full article, click here.


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