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Free Feldenkrais Consultation at Laura Yedwab

Free Feldenkrais® Consultation

Are you too young to feel so old?

Perhaps you are suffering from injuries that never fully healed, poor posture, joint pain, or arthritis. If movements, like walking, lifting grocery bags, and climbing stairs, are causing you pain, then the solution is to learn to move more efficiently and easily.

The Feldenkrais Method® is an educational approach that can teach you to walk longer, breathe easier, and stand taller. It can improve your coordination, balance, and body awareness.

You deserve to move pain-free. The number one factor that will affect your happiness and effectiveness is your health. If you knew you could take action now and learn to move in a way that reduced your pain and increased your joyful movement, would you do it?

Book a free, 55-minute evaluation to identify the specific movements causing you problems, then discover how to improve them.

About your Free Consultation

During the consultation (a $170 value),  we will discuss your goals and challenges, plus identify specific movement patterns that are causing you problems.  You will discover how to improve your movement so that you put less stress, wear and tear on your body.

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