Client Testimonials

Laura gave me wonderful insights into how to move in a healthier way. I came to her with knee pain when I walked up stairs. Her gentle, thoughtful teaching helped me so much that I was soon pain-free!  Laura helped me to be more centered in myself, as well as centered over my feet. It was a very holistic body-mind lesson that led me to greater integration on many levels.

– Virginia Howlett, Artist

I am a physician and so skeptical of most ‘alternative’ treatments, but Laura’s approach to body mechanics, movement, and injury seemed very reasonable so I opted to try working with her. I found her to be very knowledgeable and smart, but most importantly, she took the time to listen to my concerns, look at my body and the way I walked and sat, answered my questions in a straightforward manner, proposed changes that were doable, and kept checking back in with me to see how things were going. Our work relieved my back pain while sitting and improved my posture. I feel more alert and uplifted when I stand or walk and this has had a definite impact on my mood. I can feel the difference when I stand up: I feel taller, more self-confident, stronger, and more able to meet whatever is happening at the moment. I recommend her highly and plan to continue to work with her.

– Mary Bolton

Our functional integration session yesterday was really terrific. I continued to apply the lesson in the pool, since I recognized raising my arm during the lesson, with how it felt when I was doing the backstroke. I tried focusing on connecting my arm with my sacrum, to get the sensation of movement up my spine and it worked great! In the middle of the night, something clicked deep in my shoulder and today I feel great — better than in over a month! Thank you so much.

– Elizabeth Strauss

Laura is fantastic.  I love the collaborative nature of our work.  She is fully present with me which helps me to be aware of how I’m feeling and moving.   My drive home is always interesting after a session.  I notice how I’m moving when I check traffic to merge, how I sit, and how I turn my head.  I pay more attention to how my feet relate to the floor when I sit or stand and then notice how my posture shifts with that.    Laura is uniquely talented and I’m grateful to be able to work with her.

– Linda Stone

I was suffering from shoulder pain for about a month. The pain would flare up every time I started working in front of a computer. It made it difficult to concentrate and took over my life since, for most of my waking hours, my focus was on reducing the pain. My naturopathic doctor recommended that I investigate Feldenkrais®. I was fortunate to have found Laura. During the first introductory session and each subsequent sessions, I learned about my posture, how my body functions, and how to pay close attention to what my body is telling me. Each session built on the last. Laura is very observant and adjusted her approach to suit my needs, even though we had to conduct the sessions over Zoom. I am grateful that Laura played an instrumental role in my recovery. Today I have been able to function normally with no pain. I was new to Feldenkrais® but am now a believer that it plays a critical part in my wellbeing. Thank you Laura for all your teachings.

– Chin Seah

Working with Laura was incredibly helpful!  Our sessions were fun, relaxing, and empowering, and helped me achieve a new understanding of how my body works.

– Gin Hammond, Actor

I saw Laura when I had a severely inflamed knee joint. We looked at how I could support the knee from below by walking consciously and with awareness, especially in regards to how I move on my feet. It sounds simple but there are many more points of contact than I was aware of.  She also gently moved all the bones in my feet and legs – a very relaxing experience – that seemed to helped me establish new patterns of movement.  In addition, Laura taught me how to move from sitting to standing effortlessly.  After three sessions the pain in my knee was immensely diminished and I am able to bike, dance, garden and walk much more easily.   I found Laura’s calm approach reassuring.  I would highly recommend her and the Feldenkrais® method.

– Peggy Frank

Laura helped me re-learn how to do the most basic thing possible: walk. Since childhood, I got pain in my side running and walking at a fast pace. What I didn’t know is that something could be done about it, without drugs or surgery. Laura patiently increased my awareness of how my body works. We all have bad habits; we’re just aware of some of them more than others. With patience, warmth, and deep analytical knowledge, Laura taught me how to use my whole body as I walked. She taught me how awareness of my body mechanics could break my bad habits incurred through years of not thinking about something as simple as taking a single step. She also taught me other ways to move my body more efficiently in other daily movements, to lower the long-term stress I put on my joints. I now can walk long distances at a fast pace without pain. I know that my cardiovascular shape might limit me, but not the way I take each stride!

– Chris Rebholz

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