Success stories, in their own words

My potential clients often ask: what happens in a session, how long will it take, and what progress they can expect over time? One of the best ways to understand what the journey might be like is to hear my clients’ journeys in their own words.

VV: Reclaiming her life after breaking her back 3 times

V. is a bright, energetic and lovely 40 year-old who broke her back three times. Yes, three times. At 40, she was in significant pain and fearful of what her future would hold. After 20 Feldenkrais sessions with me, V. accomplished more than she had ever dreamed of. She is out of pain, taking long hikes, doing the activities she loves, and deeply grateful for her amazing body. Read More


Kate Kate: From enduring acute pain to celebrating a pain-free 10 day trek

Kate is an executive coach who is intelligent, vibrant, strong and committed to her fitness. Unfortunately, Kate started experiencing excruciating and persistent pain in her ankles and Achilles tendon when she walked. Read More.


woman having a painful neckKathy: From neck pain and cancer to feeling “Fabulous!”

Kathy is a medical doctor (MD) who had chronic neck pain and was recovering from breast cancer.  After twenty session, she is feeling fabulous and ready to return back to work full time. Read More.

Jeanine: Sitting without back painjeanine crop

Jeanine, a nurse working at a local hospital, had lower back pain for years that was aggravated by sitting at a computer. It was affecting her mood, her outlook, and her ability to fully engage with life. Read More.


hifiveJoan: From Wobble to Elegance

Joan came to me because of knee pain. She had surgery on her left knee ten years ago. Since then, the knee had gotten more and more stiff. Walking and going up and down stairs were difficult. She wanted to find an alternative to having a knee replacement.  Read More.


ZekeZeke: Running without knee pain

Zeke is a 24 year old musician who wanted to run a half marathon.  He is fit, strong, and enjoyed running with his friends, but had to stop running due to pain in his right knee.  Read More.

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