Feldenkrais® For Knee Pain – Zeke’s Story

Feldenkrais For Knee Pain – Zeke’s Story

Zeke’s success running without knee pain

Zeke is a 24 year old musician who wanted to run a half marathon.  He is fit, strong, and enjoyed running with his friends, but had to stop running due to pain in his right knee. 

Our work: A Personal Journey

Zeke describes our work together this way:

“Feldenkrais is personal journey. It’s hard to explain if you haven’t experienced it, but bear with me. A family member recommended Feldenkrais to me after I developed consistent pain in my right knee during running. Physical therapy, doctors, XRAY’s, and an MRI were unable to find the cause of the pain, and this is when Feldenkrais entered the picture. I was mildly perturbed at my recommender since she claimed to have experienced a very similar problem with walking many years earlier that Feldenkrais had helped her with… and yet, why couldn’t she just tell me what to do? And this is where my statement about it being a “personal journey” comes into play.


I found the first few sessions frustrating because we seemed to be going nowhere in terms of actually solving my running problem. But—how do you solve a running problem if you don’t know your body, and even more specifically, your legs. I signed up for the 10-pack at Laura’s recommendation, and it was only after session 5 or 6 that things started to click.  During my runs, I started to notice small (but important) things. If I do this, then I can activate my glutes more efficiently.  I noticed how my left foot landed smoothly, but my right foot flopped.  And so on so forth. Each small discovery was one step in the right direction.


The approach is very different from traditional western medicine thinking, where you go to a doctor and they tell you to do x and y. Laura helped me gain the knowledge I needed so I could go out and figure out how to apply it to my own body, in my own way. Movement should feel right.  Think of it as a class on your own body. Be curious. And I’m not here to say that Feldenkrais is a magical cure-all, but I can guarantee you will walk away knowing more about your body than you ever thought possible. Let this double as my thank you to Laura and also a hearty recommendation.”

Feldenkrais® Practitioner-Laura Yedwab’s

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