Ground, Grounding, Grounded

May 28, 2014 | Feldenkrais

Throwing GaryI just spent a wonderful 5 days in Jeff Haller’s advanced training: Ground, Grounding, Grounded, Discovering True Reversibility.  The theme was how to move in a way that we don’t “fall.”  For example, often there is a way that people walk where on either the left or right side, with each step there is a slight “fall”.  The key to not falling is to have clear support from the ground at each moment in the movement.

One of the highlights for me was working with Gary.  We were exploring how to use the ground to make our arms light and powerful.  I started with my arms overhead and with Gary providing resistance.  I had enough power to literally  throw Gary across the room.  A fellow student captured the moment beautifully with Gary upside down in the middle of the throw.