Monthly Archives: May 2014

Ground, Grounding, Grounded

I just spent a wonderful 5 days in Jeff Haller’s advanced training: Ground, Grounding, Grounded, Discovering True Reversibility.  The theme was how to move in a way that we don’t “fall.”  For example, often there is a way that people walk where on either the left or right side, with each step there is a slight “fall”.  […]

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Back Pain Success Story – My Client Jeanine

Jeanine, a nurse working at a local hospital, had lower back pain for years that was aggravated by sitting at a computer.   It was affecting her mood, her outlook, and her ability to fully engage with life.  As she described it: “I was very disheartened when I showed up for my first appointment.  I thought […]

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How does Feldenkrais Help People?

What I like about this short animation by Michael Cann, GCFP, is his illustration and description of the typical cycle people go through that causes them to lose more and more function over time. That though people go for help, they don’t treat the unconscious patterns that caused the problem to begin with. So, though […]

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