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Got Feldenkrais?

Oct, 02, 2014

Lavinia Plonka has published some interesting videos.  A really good one that promotes the Feldenkrais method is called “Got Feldenkrais”.   You can view it by clicking on the picture below: My favorite part is when she says that the side-effects include: improved balance, sense of relaxation, increased optimism, better range of motion, and increased vitality

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Adding Hips to our Self Image

Aug, 06, 2014

If  you were to draw yourself as a stick figure, would your figure look more like the left or right person?  Moshe Feldenkrais begins his Awareness through Movement Book saying: Each of us speaks, moves, thinks, and feels in a different way, each according to the image of himself that he has built up over the […]

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Ground, Grounding, Grounded

May, 28, 2014

I just spent a wonderful 5 days in Jeff Haller’s advanced training: Ground, Grounding, Grounded, Discovering True Reversibility.  The theme was how to move in a way that we don’t “fall.”  For example, often there is a way that people walk where on either the left or right side, with each step there is a slight “fall”.  […]

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Back Pain Success Story – My Client Jeanine

May, 20, 2014

Jeanine, a nurse working at a local hospital, had lower back pain for years that was aggravated by sitting at a computer.   It was affecting her mood, her outlook, and her ability to fully engage with life.  As she described it: “I was very disheartened when I showed up for my first appointment.  I thought […]

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How does Feldenkrais Help People?

May, 04, 2014

What I like about this short animation by Michael Cann, GCFP, is his illustration and description of the typical cycle people go through that causes them to lose more and more function over time. That though people go for help, they don’t treat the unconscious patterns that caused the problem to begin with. So, though […]

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Feldenkrais Resources 2014

Mar, 16, 2014

A new client recently asked me for things that he could read, view, or do at home that would help him in his Feldenkrais journey.  My blog is full of resources, but I thought it would be worth creating one blog post with a summary of all the resources. Awareness through Movement (ATM) lessons Awareness […]

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Relieve Back Pain of Sitting and Standing — Awareness Through Movement Classes

Feb, 22, 2014

Awareness through Movement classes  are for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life — wanting to walk farther, sit at a computer more comfortably, reduce chronic pain, or regain the use of function lost through injury or aging. In this series of classes, we will focus on sitting and standing — which […]

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Q: Why do we have a brain? A: To Move.

Feb, 09, 2014

Recently, I have come across a number of articles that argue that the main reason we have a brain is to move. The first is a Ted talk by Daniel Wolpert.  He asserts that there is one and only one reason that we have brains: that is to produce adaptable, complex movements.  Movement is the only way […]

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How to Make Stress your Friend

Jan, 04, 2014

Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., is a health psychologist who teaches at Stanford University. She focuses on how translating neuroscience and modern psychology research into strategies we can use for better health, happiness, personal success, and relationships. She says:  “In the past I’ve made stress the enemy, but I have changed my mind about stress…”  In this […]

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Dec, 25, 2013

Check out this wonderful video from Brene Brown: Brene spoke at the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts and a part of her talk was animated by Katy Davis. Two of my favorite lines are: Rarely if ever does an empathetic response start with “at least”… For example: “I had a miscarriage,” “Well, at […]

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Nov, 10, 2013

Perhaps one of the most important movements you can learn is how to squat.  It is important every time you get into and out of a chair.  It is important every time you pick something up — be it from the floor or just a low table. This wonderful, cute, and fun animation shows the […]

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How Feldenkrais is helping Brian Guenther, a Golf Pro

Oct, 26, 2013

This short video gives a nice explanation of how Feldenkrais works.  Brian Guenther is a Golf Professional on the PGA who was having chronic neck and back pain.  He sought out a Feldenkrais practitioner and together they were able to relieve the pain.  The key was teaching Brian how to use his whole body and for […]

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Some Great Feldenkrais Videos

Aug, 09, 2013

Below are some great videos about the Feldenkrais Method. Feldenkrais® and Musicians: This is a wonderful video created as part of the Next 25 Years project. Andrew Gibbons, a classical pianist and Feldenkrais Practitioner, discusses how the Feldenkrais Method can improve the playing of a piano. This video will be of interested to anyone wanting […]

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